I had the opportunity to start my career working with Oracle 7.0 on Sun Spark, Solaris 2.3 and HP landmarks. Those were the days i clearly remember working as an Asst Engineer in the EDP division, My job tasks initially was simple depending on the shift i work for that week. Come in first shift i had to boot up the servers early morning at 6am and execute database startup scripts, Come in second shift i execute the database shutdown scripts and shutdown the server needless to mention i kick off the cold backups to tapes at 7pm that used to run until around 10pm. Guess what, the database size may have been hardly 20GB. It was funny that even after couple weeks of on the job experience, I still asked one of my senior engineer “where is oracle?”. I may have got some sarcastic smiles back in return, but that’s how i started my career without any formal training.

Having worked as an Oracle DBA all these years as the database evolved through the ages of internet,grid,cloud etc..i now am getting opportunities transitioning into the BDA and DMA roles. Though its been couple months shadowing in the job role as BDA administrator, i still ask the question “Where is Big Data?”.

The answer to both these questions seem to be rather simple, All the data that could have nicely structured and fit in the database that can be housed in the server was called Oracle. All the data that cannot be nicely structured and cannot be fit in a single server is called Big Data.

As Oracle databases and Big Data are in their latest computing generations with their respective engineered systems aka Exadata, Big Data Appliances, this will be my effort to capture my learning.

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